Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Powerful Letters Connect SeaWorld with Taiji Cove & have a Blackfish Movie Twist

The connection between SeaWorld and the brutal drive hunts at Taiji, Japan, has been known for decades. SeaWorld's former Vice-President & head veterinarian, Dr Lanny Cornell, famously told PBS Frontline that, "The drive fishery process is not necessarily an inhumane process."

Two Pseudorca (false killer whales) Teri (L) & Hana (R). It it now known Teri was captured in Taiji, Japan, on 21 Feb 1983

Cornell worked for SeaWorld from 1973 to 1987 and was later hired to be Keiko's veterinarian, an apparently opportunistic move considering his former employer, SeaWorld, continues to smear the Keiko reintroduction; an effort which transported an orca from Mexico to Oregon and finally to the sea, where he lived from 1998 until his death in 2003. 

Keiko gained thousands of pounds after moving to the ocean from Mexico

After Keiko swam to Norway, Dr. Cornell reported, "His physical condition was robust & showed no sign of weight loss."

In a new twist involving Cornell, a paper trail from Kamogawa Sea World to Dr. Cornell at SeaWorld, demonstrates the process of how small cetaceans are moved through Kamogawa to other facilities like SeaWorld:

No. 1 male is Teri, and No. 2 female is Suki who were moved  from Taiji ultimately to San Diego

This letter reinforces that the animals were for SeaWorld, with "Yours Faithfully" as the closing

This diagram was included by SeaWorld in the agreement paperwork  
It also shows, surprisingly, that ex-SeaWorld trainers, including four who appeared in the movie Blackfish, worked directly with drive-hunt-captured whales from Taiji, unknowingly.

This diagram was also shared with Kamogawa Sea World  to show how the false killers would be moved to USA

Like many secrets at the company, the trainers were kept in the dark regarding the brutal collections. Some were told the whales they worked alongside were "rescued." Just today, former trainer Samantha Berg commented:

"Makes me even sicker that I didn't know anything about Taiji or the drive fishery back then... "

As it turns out, Carol Ray, Samantha Berg, Dean Gomersall, and Jeffrey Ventre all worked directly with drive-hunt-whales at the Whale & Dolphin stadium in Orlando in the 1990's. These whales were Teri, Suki, Hana, Yaki & Zori, and all died young. Like belugas & killer whales, pseudorca do poorly in captivity at places like SeaWorld and the Georgia Aquarium. 

Ex trainer Jeffrey Ventre performs with Yaki, a whale captured in a drive hunt 
While the paper trail is new, we can only confirm that Teri & Suki were taken directly by the infamous killer-fishermen at Taiji's cove. We do know that Yaki, Hana & Zori were also drive-fishery-captured, but don't know precisely where they were corralled up & out of the ocean, in Japan. The odds are that it was Taiji, but we don't possess the documentation.

Samantha Berg with Suki, a whale captured at Taiji, Japan in 1983
We wonder how these revelations will effect the dozen or more current trainers at SeaWorld in Orlando that worked with these drive-hunt-whales. This will be disturbing news to them, too.


  1. oh my, they become more pathetic the more the truth is revealed

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  2. The fact that they lied and said they were resscues is extremely telling. One doesn't lie unless one knows they are doing something morally and/or legally wrong. It is my un derstanding that they also do business with captive cetacean parks that get their dolphins from Taiji drive hunts, and the mere fact that they have not actively done anything to prevent or put a stop to these drive hunts speaks volumes.

  3. PrisonWorld oops sorry SeaWorld your lies are coming back to haunt you, you think that most people are stupid enough to believe the rubbish you spout about rescues when this proves you are just a bunch of money grubbing p....s (you can fill in the blanks for yourselves I'm sure you can manage that)

  4. There is lots of evidence connecting Seaworld to Taiji, most obvious is Fred Jacobs said so lol. They must think we are stupid.

  5. It's all so disgusting. They cheated and lied then ,and continue to this day. Karma will be a bitch for anyone participating in this horrendous crime against nature.

  6. Absolutely agree with all comments. The blood of every single cetacean murdered and imprisoned in Taiji stains them as they are the reason. The beginning.

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  8. Hi Jeff. I believe you told me you weren't a member of IMATA. Do you know if any of SW's trainers are? I'd love to know your thoughts on why SW doesn't publicly denounce this trainer organization when they claim to be against the slaughters in Taiji. It sickens me that they don't speak out more to end this brutal hunt when they claim to care so much. Here we go, another heartbreaking season of torture for these precious souls. :*(

  9. I hope you can accept comments of disagreement cause this is what my comment is.

    The fact that the whales they took from Kamogawa Sea World are from Taiji doesn't mean that SeaWorld is responsible for the capture. Your evidence is not strong at all.

    1. Dimitris, I'm not sure why it's so difficult for some to understand that the demand for these animals is what perpetuates the cruel, barbaric massacres of these animals. SeaWorld has in fact purchased several animals from Taiji, admittedly. They would to this day if they could do it legally. Further, many of SeaWorld's trainers are members of IMATA. (International Marine Animal Trainers Association) This highly unethical organization (which SeaWorld has been deeply rooted in for over 45 years) ALLOWS their paying members to source Dolphins in Taiji where it's legal in their respective countries.They stand in the water with those that slaughter them after the pretty ones are chosen for a life of imprisonment, after being ripped from their pod. They've even been documented helping the hunters drag Dolphins to their deaths by their flukes! Kelly Flaherty Clark, Sr. Trainer of SW is on the board of IMATA charged with policy. SHE and Joel Manby refuse to work with the body of IMATA to change their policy on their members sourcing animals from drive fisheries. It's sickening as they continue to tout themselves as "conservationists." Please do some reading on this and help raise awareness. The entire captivity industry is WHY this happens...big $ paid by marine parks, swim with dolphin places, etc for a trained dolphin.

    2. OK, first, you can look at the origins of their animals on CetaBase. Teri and Suki are the only ones of SeaWorld's animals I found that originated from Taiji and, as mentioned in this page here, they were already captive at Kamogawa Sea World.

      Importing animals from such drive hunts is illegal in the US since 1993. So besides from that SeaWorld has taken no animals from Taiji, they could not have done so since 1993.

      The dolphins aren't purchased while the hunt occurs. They are placed in localy operated sea pens. It is important to note that they can seemingly jump out of there whenever they like.
      I am not saying that I support this. They are indeed to small and I am against the hunt. But that is a sign that captive metality is a real thing.

      And the worst of all these statements. This hunt has been going on since about the times of European Rennaisance. Where there dolphin parks back then to help build this hunt? I do not think so.