Friday, March 14, 2014

Pro Captivity NOAA Scientist and Anti Cap Blackfish Cast Member talk to The Hack

Your Host. The Hack
On Wednesday 12 March 2014, "The Hack" Tom Tilley interviewed two professionals with different opinions on #BlackfishBill AB-2140. Tom's program reaches about forty-thousand listeners and originates from Sydney, Australia. 

His first guest, marine ecologist and NOAA scientist Robert Pitman spoke against the bill, stating that killer whales in captivity are "sacrificial ambassadors" for their species. 

His second guest, Jeffrey Ventre, a medical doctor in Washington State, spoke in favor of the bill, stating that there's no educational value in killer whales doing "bows to Madonna music." 


Should California ban Sea World from using whales for entertainment? We look at the documentary Blackfish and legislation it inspired.

Radio interview here: 

Marine Ecologist

Former SeaWorld Trainer