Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Statement Regarding SeaWorld’s announcement to End Captive Orca Breeding

SeaWorld’s announcement to end captive orca breeding is a step in the right direction, for orcas, and we support efforts to phase out all marine mammals from captivity. 

SeaWorld’s partnership with the Humane Society is significant [two former foes pledging to work together] and we hope the company will become a leader in ocean conservation, help to restore salmon runs, and assist the animal justice community in obtaining nonhuman rights for cetaceans. We understand it took courage for CEO Joel Manby to make these changes; Kudos to his leadership. 

It must be pointed out that SeaWorld’s shift is a financial decision and the public itself has made this happen over a several year time span. THANK YOU for not buying a ticket. There are some inaccuracies in the announcement, such as the characterization of Keiko's release effort and no mention of other species still incarcerated at the park. 

We’d like to send love to Tilikum, who continues to languish alone in Orlando, and wish we could comfort him in his final hours. In the end, his message was heard. Thank you, Tilly

Voice of the Orcas: 

John Jett Ph.D. 

Carol Ray M.A. 
Jeffrey Ventre M.D. 
Samantha Berg M.Ac. 


  1. "In the end, his message was heard. Thank you, Tilly"

    #Blackfish and Voice of the Orcas made all the difference, thank you all for inspiring us all to do more and try harder to have more amazing days like today.

    today we celebrate, tomorrow we still have so much to do.


  2. Why does it take death to make people realize they have been wrong? I've never seen Tilikum or Morgan or Keiko or Lucy or any of the incarcerated dolphin/whales but I know this: no animal or sentient being should ever be taken from its natural habitat or environment for the profit of human beings. No animal should be harmed in any way, believe that humans have a right to do as we please with our friends with whom we share this planet is ignorant. Let's educate our children to express respect and kindness for all living creatures. This is a pivotal moment. I hope we choose to move forward and expand education of the real kind. I hope we can make use of technology that would provide digital life-like experiences of being with the dolphins and orcas or any other wildlife a park chooses to feature but that there are no real living animals taken to do this. Thank you to all who have worked tirelessly for decades to see the cog in the wheel of forward motion removed. We are now on a journey. With love to all who were before Tilikum and to all those who still wait...Thank you, Tilikum. You were the pivotal orca! XOXO

    1. Beautifully put.
      A step in the right direction, but still just a it's time to keep up the momentum and bring about and end to all the atrocities we inflict on our fellow earthlings. #emptythetanks #untileverycageisempty

  3. I would like to know what they actually mean by Orcacentric? We send our love to you Tilikum.

  4. I love your response VOTO . Giving kudos to those who made an effort to change but still showing hown much more needs to be done. Well said. I am so impressed by all you do for this cause and you have really opened my eyes to this amazing world. I continue to spread the word, show "Blackfish" to my high school students and continue following your efforts. I would love to attend Superpod this year but I haven't been able to find a passionate travel partbet willing to go the distance. I wish marine mammals were able to know how much they are truly cared for. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you,Rach. If you do make it to SJI, at some point. I would be happen to observe whales with you and crew, students, whomever. Thanks again. And esp. for sharing with your students, spreading the word, and generally paying attention. We're in it together. That is huge.

  5. its because all of you who didn't fear seaworld and spoke up for what is right for the animals. kudos to all of you ! the animals thank you, we thank you. now, lets get some sanctuaries built ! #nomoreconcrete

  6. Blackfish has made this issue mainstream so that a lot of people became aware of the blight of killer whales and other cetaceans in marine parks and zoos. A huge junk of the credit and deepest respect go to you guys. Your ongoing fight and the fight of all advocates made this victory possible. Now for them to be released to seapens...

    So sad that I can't join you this year for Superpod5 but there is always a next one, right?

  7. Watch "Dolphin ramming gate" on YouTube

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