Friday, July 13, 2012

Sam Simon Radio Interview with David Kirby

Multi-talented artist, writer, producer, philanthropist & Stanford graduate, Sam Simon conducted a fascinating 51 minute interview with Death at SeaWorld author David Kirby today, on his Bubba One radio program. Simon, best known as co-developer of The Simpsons television series, is a passionate advocate for animals, as well as the environment, and  regularly conducts interviews with journalists,  former trainers and animal experts. Several of those are archived at our  website, Voice of the Orcas.

Today's interview with David occurs just days before his anticipated book, Death at SeaWorld, hits bookstores across America, Canada, and Europe; a project that Mr. Kirby has been researching for over two years. Although Sam received an early copy of the book, the official release occurs 17 July 2012 in New York City. Supermodel Anne-Marie van Dyjk will be with David to help roll out the first copies at Barnes & Noble in Tribeca.

Press the button below to listen to David Kirby & Sam Simon: 

In this tongue-in-cheek reference to the monolith in Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001, anti-captivity voices hope that Death at SeaWorld, along with other activities, will be a catalyst that encourages humanity to EVOLVE beyond the barbaric & inhumane practices of confining cetaceans, and especially killer whales, in acoustically dead concrete enclosures, for profit.

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  1. Clear a couple of days, find a quiet corner and enter the world of the orca. I loved how David Kirby kept the suspense going while relaying the facts. A fascinating insight into orcas and just how artificial they are on public display compared to their counterparts in the wild. Anyone who claims to love orcas, should read this book.

    A more in depth review of Death at SeaWorld can be found here:

  2. Beth, we've read your review. In fact it's probably the best we've seen, so thx for linking it here for our readers. We just wanna know how you got a copy of Death at SeaWorld BEFORE we did!!! :) Thanks again.

    1. I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya :) Thanks JV!